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Our premier garage condominium is the perfect place to store your vehicle and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts.

WheelHouse storage offers you a safe and secure place to store your exotic or classic car, RV or boat. You’ve worked hard and made sacrifices to be able to collect these items, and you deserve to know they’re taken care of. WheelHouse storage gives you the space you need to enjoy your valuable assets and share them with people who share your passions.


Garage Condos: A Closer Look


It’s finally here. The newest addition to your exotic or classic car collection is now yours and you can’t wait to give it the attention and home it deserves. Problem is the family garage is already crowded with the other toys and something has to give.

You have two options: get rid of the extra stuff or rent space in the local self-storage facility. Well, hold on. There is one more option you might not have heard about that will answer your space problems and give you the freedom you’ve always wanted: a garage condo unit by WheelHouse Storage.

The idea behind a garage condo is simple and works similar to a regular condominium. The developer handles the permits and construction, and then you buy a unit and build out the inside as you want. Or you could just leave it as is and store all the toys in there. Owning a garage condo unit gives you control to create the space you have always envisioned.

Let’s take a look at 4 great reasons for owning your storage unit:

1. Investment

Garage condos are real assets that have a history of appreciating over time.

2. Freedom

You have the freedom to build out your space however you see fit. Owners commonly outfit their units with car lifts, mezzanines, TV’s, work stations, cabinetry, and more. Not to mention, you get the space back in the family garage. Happy wife. Happy life.

3. Security

Garage condos are a great option to store high value assets such as car collections, boats, and RVs. WheelHouse has a fully enclosed perimeter, video monitored 24/7, and two gated access drives.

4. Community

Being around like-minded owners with common interests elevates the garage condo experience to the next level. Host a party at the on-site Owner’s Lounge or just roll up the garage doors and have fun kicking it with your crew.

Garage condos are establishing themselves as the premier option for those that want additional space and are tired of renting. Time to give your cars the garage they deserve. WheelHouse is here to help make it happen.

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